Project Spotlight: Strategic Action Planning

trcdlogoTahoe Resource Conservation District, Stormwater Funding Partnership:  This team effort brought forward a strong collaboration of multi-jurisdictional community leaders and decision makers to problem solve. The effort combined strategic planning, government relations, community partnerships, presentations and meeting facilitation to navigate across several counties, agencies and political districts.

Your Road Map to Success

Action planning provides the direction to reach goals. It focuses your day-to-day decisions and actions into achieving measurable objectives. It can be an uphill battle, however, to get started on your strategic action plan and that’s when…

TOC can help translate your vision into an actual sequence of on-the-ground steps to achieve it. We map out your strategic action plan.

We understand collaboration and how to harness the collective intellect to achieve economies of scale.

strategyThe TOC team provides the proven tools with technical and creative expertise to bring forward and deliver your strategic action plan for public outreach campaigns.

Action Planning is a first critical step to bringing your vision to reality. The next step is Targeted Messaging ...