Grab Some Quick Tools & Tips

I recently had the pleasure to share some tools of the trade with a few business owners and operators in the Lake Tahoe region.

The two, 1.5 hour workshops were sponsored by Sierra Business Council, Tahoe City Downtown Association and North Lake Tahoe Resort Association.

Co-led with Kathleen Lee of East River Public Relations, we brought both expertise and passion to the room and it was fun!

In addition to providing TOC insights and tips, I was also able to learn from the expert attendees as they contributed their own thoughts and ideas to strengthen the workshop.


Despite about 3-4 feet of new snow, we all made it to this first session and maybe you can find a tip or two as it lays the foundation for an effective brand communication platform: Workshop 1

The 2nd workshop, helped bring the digital marketing effort forward to make it more tangible for those wanting to take it to a higher level.  Two links are provided and there’s a bit of content that goes missing but if any of this is of interest, feel free to reach out via email email TOC and I can help fill in the blanks.

Workshop 2: first part

Workshop 2: second part