Project Spotlight: Public Engagement

tahoecitylodgeThe Tahoe City Lodge Project earned unanimous approval in January 2017.  The public engagement process included strategic and tactical communications, press relations and outreach efforts. From the website, database and brochures to events and presentations, the effort helped to deliver a successful community engagement campaign toward project approval.

A Coordinated Consistent Unified Process

Public engagement is an important process that invites and brings people together to solve problems, address issues and bring about positive change. It’s a process where people with shared concerns can interact and get involved in the deliberation, dialogue and action on issues that they care about.

The TOC team understands target market and stakeholder connection

hand shakeTOC believes that it is only by first understanding the deeper emotions surrounding a project or brand effort that communication can begin to resonate.

With experience working with multi-million dollar budgets and helping to lead businesses through tough economic times, the TOC team is ready to assist with your public engagement campaign. It will be a collaborative process to bring people together to face and address shared issues.

Because those involved believe in the importance of solving the shared problem, there’s often an esprit de corps in bringing about solutions and positive change.

Think of it as a two-way process where there is true listening, learning and incorporation of stakeholder feedback. Leaders and decision makers must be able to understand the concerns and ideas of the people who are affected. Perspectives and opinions are incorporated into the deliberation.

The TOC team has a track record of planning and executing effective public engagement campaigns. It involves inviting and including the local residents and community to get involved in the dialogue. Working together with decision makers, the community is able to get involved with the issues they care about.

And what the TOC team does better than most, is help to identify members of the community whose voices are often not heard. We go beyond the usual participants to include those who are not typically involved in the process.

For a public engagement campaign to be effective, it is vitally important that it be an inclusive process and attracts a variety of diverse perspectives.

Let’s create a platform for public engagement that builds trust and improves communication between the public and decision making leaders. The TOC team can help you create new opportunities to engage every day people in problem solving and participatory decision-making.

The TOC team has expertise to produce strong visual communication that is compelling and relevant. It is important that every communication point is authentic and factually true in addition to being inviting, user-friendly and responsive.

We can help your project to save time and money by pinpointing every communication and engagement effort to ensure that it is effective and efficient. It must be a coordinated consistent unified process.

It’s about values alignment, an ongoing two-way process of listening to and embracing feedback that is ever evolving to keep the stakeholder values aligned with the project.

“High performers excelled in their ability to leverage customer insight, communicate a societal purpose and deliver a rich customer experience.”

Harvard Business Review