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Project Spotlight: Action Planning

Sierra Business Council/Small Business Development Center/SBA: TOC has served as a long-time business advisor to multiple start-ups and small businesses in the Sierra region to help drive consumer interest via strategic marketing, website development, content writing/editing, press relations and more. Similarly, she contributed at Tahoe Chamber & City of South Lake Tahoe to the small business development program on the Tahoe Tactical coaching team, grant-funded by City of South Lake Tahoe.

Your Road Map to Success

Action planning focuses your day-to-day decisions and actions. Getting started can be an uphill battle but …

TOC can map out a sequence of on-the-ground steps and measurable objectives to help you achieve your vision.

TOC brings proven technical, creative and collaborative tools to execute your strategic action plan and achieve economies of scale.


Action Planning brings forward your vision to reality. The next step is Targeted Messaging ...