Project Spotlight: Strategic Planning

trcdlogoTahoe Resource Conservation District, Stormwater Funding Partnership-Phase 1:  this team effort involved the strategical design and tactical execution of the bringing together of a strong collaboration of multi-jurisdictional community leaders and decision makers to problem solve. The successful completion of Phase I involved strategic planning, government relations, community relations, presentations, and meeting coordination to navigate across several counties, agencies and political districts.

Your Road Map to Success

Strategic planning provides a sense of direction, focuses your efforts and outlines measurable goals to accomplish. It’s a useful tool for guiding day-to-day decisions and allowing dynamic approaches while evaluating progress.

But even when you think you’re ready to get started with strategic planning, it can be an uphill battle to get the momentum needed to begin reaching your goals. And that’s when TOC can help facilitate the strategic planning process to quickly set priorities and focus efforts toward a unified vision.

TOC  and team can facilitate the strategic planning process to clearly identify your vision and help you to translate this vision into an actual sequence of steps to achieve it.

We’ll help you set goals and ensure the resources to execute efforts to achieve them. We understand how to map out an effective strategic plan from higher-level planning to on-the-ground tactical implementation.

strategyIt is by harnessing the collective intellect of every person involved that we can ultimately arrive at a unified approach and be able to achieve economies of scale. 

We’ll deliver an inclusive participatory process that is customized to each unique opportunity. By establishing common vision and goals, we can set forth to achieve our priorities in a unified manner.

The TOC team has both depth and breadth when it comes to facilitating and developing a strategic planning process. We provide the technical expertise and proven tools for systematic effective planning to arrive at a marketing plan or a public outreach campaign plan. We help you deliver the necessary steps.

Strategic Planning is the first critical step to bringing your vision to reality. The next step is Branded Communications