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Strategizing What’s Next

By October 12, 2018Uncategorized

The fall season is amazing with vibrant opportunity to begin mapping what’s next for your communication program. It’s a time to reflect and strategize for your next effort and one way to start is by thinking of your favorite brand and you can begin to identify how it makes you feel. Why are you attracted to this organization, product, service, effort, or project?


Write down how you feel when you think of or engage with it. Understanding the role emotions play when it comes to brand loyalty is mission critical. A good way to improve your understanding is by thinking about why you are loyal to one brand over another. For me, I love Toms shoes. My feet feel really good when I wear them and they look nice but what’s at the core of why I truly feel good when I buy and wear these shoes is that I know my purchase has also helped another human being. My values are aligned with the company and I certainly love the quality and style. I have other brand favorites but let’s focus on yours and why you are pulled to that brand.


Start keeping an eye out for what brands you engage with and why. Keep a running journal of the what (list the organization, product, service, effort, project or entity) and the why (how you feel when engaging with it). By doing this, it will help you when you’re working on making your organization’s brand and communication program relevant to those you most want to attract. Where do the values align? Articulating and delivering on this, my friend, is the essence of a successful brand communications program.