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Triangles and Pyramids

One of the tools I use to help an organization to pinpoint its brand’s emotional pull is in the shape of a triangle. It’s set up like this Maslow Hierarchy of Needs triangle where we work from the bottom up to identify the brand’s truth.


Just like Maslow’s triangle moves you toward self-identity, the brand triangle tool is useful to move us through a series of steps to brand-identify. Why are customers deeply connected to your brand? As a director of marketing and business coach, I’ve used numerous brand triangles because this tool brings results. It helps our communications to be relevant and therefore successful in order to grow profits or reach other goals.

I continue to fine-tune and evolve this tool to help organizations be effective and here’s the latest TOC version to-date:

Just like with Maslow’s triangle, you’ll see as you climb up the Brand pyramid, you’ll arrive into a more powerful and energizing territory because it is in this space, that you’re connected to values and the ‘why’ behind people’s connection to your brand.